4 Tips To Enjoy Fresh Kaiser Rolls


Bakery-fresh bread is the perfect texture. At your local bakery, you can find different types of bread for any application. Some people enjoy soft, pillowy dinner rolls, while others enjoy bread with a little more tooth. Kaiser rolls fall on the denser end of the spectrum when it comes to bread. These rolls are hearty and chewy, making them ideal for hot sandwiches. Here are some tips that will help you enjoy your next purchase of kaiser rolls.

1. Use your kaiser rolls as quickly as possible.

Bread is made to be used fresh. That's why bakeries create new batches of bread each morning. Use your kaiser rolls as quickly as possible in order to enjoy them at the peak of their freshness. When placing your order at a bakery, order only enough rolls to last for a few days. This will ensure that each kaiser roll is as delicious as the last. 

2. Store your kaiser rolls in the freezer rather than the refrigerator.

If you don't eat all of your kaiser rolls in a day or two, you may want to store the leftovers. For best results, you should store your extra kaiser rolls in the freezer instead of the refrigerator. The refrigerator can dehydrate kaiser rolls, causing them to become stale. However, frozen kaiser rolls can be thawed on the counter or toasted directly from the freezer. No matter which option you pick, you will end up with kaiser rolls that taste just as good as they did before they were frozen.

3. Store your kaiser rolls in an airtight container.

After you bring your kaiser rolls home from the bakery, you should store them in an airtight container. You can store your kaiser rolls in a plastic bag or a hard plastic container. Keeping air away from your kaiser rolls can prevent them from going stale prematurely. Be sure to always close the container tightly every time you open it.

4. Save stale kaiser rolls to create croutons.

If your kaiser rolls go stale before you get a chance to eat them, they can still be salvaged. Stale kaiser rolls can be cut into pieces and turned into croutons for your favorite salads. Slice your kaiser rolls into small cubes and coat each cube with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Toast your croutons in the oven for a few minutes until they are crispy and ready to eat.

For more information on kaiser rolls, contact a company near you. 


10 January 2022

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